How Enamel Reshaping Can Improve Your Smile

If your teeth have a slightly irregular appearance you find embarrassing, or if you have a tooth with a jagged edge that causes discomfort to your tongue, a cosmetic dentist may be able to correct the problem by reshaping the enamel. If the imperfections are small enough, you may not have to pay for more expensive dental treatments such as veneers or crowns. Here's how enamel reshaping may be able to help.

Grinds Away Uneven Edges

The dentist uses a grinding tool that is similar to the polishing tool the hygienist uses to clean your teeth. The tool takes off a very tiny layer of enamel at a time. This allows your dentist to smooth away rough edges, shorten a long tooth, and give your teeth a more uniform appearance. You can have the procedure done on a single tooth or as many as need it to improve the appearance of your smile. Enamel reshaping is often the ideal solution for removing sharp points on your canine teeth. It's also helpful if the enamel is thicker in some places than others and your teeth have a bumpy appearance.

No Anesthetic Needed For The Quick Procedure

Since just a small part of enamel is shaved off, there is no pain and no need for an anesthetic. Eliminating the anesthetic injection reduces the cost as well. And since there is no drilling, so the procedure is easy to endure, and you'll get immediate results too. The procedure is quick and inexpensive when compared to other types of cosmetic dentistry. You'll probably only need a single visit to the dentist instead of multiple visits typically needed for cosmetic repairs.

May Be Combined With Bonding

While enamel reshaping is ideal for removing excess enamel, it can't help the teeth that need to be built up. If your tooth has a tiny chip, the dentist may smooth out the surrounding enamel to make the chip disappear. If the chip is large, that may not be possible. In the case of a large chip or a short tooth, the dentist can combine reshaping with bonding. Bonding builds up a tooth and fills in chips, while reshaping contours the teeth and shaves away excess enamel. Together, these procedures can give you a prettier smile with even teeth.

Keep in mind, enamel reshaping only works for minor changes. If your teeth need more extensive repairs, then veneers may be the best choice. Visit a cosmetic dentist, such as Nitz Nathan D D MD, to see if reshaping is right for you. If so, you may be able to get a prettier smile for a lot less money than you thought.