Foods To Eat After Getting Your Teeth Whitened

If you have stained teeth, there are a myriad of cosmetic dental treatments that could be used to brighten your smile. You can opt to use tooth whitening kits at home or go for tooth bleaching at your local dental office. While tooth whitening is typically a simple and low-risk procedure, you will need to take care of your teeth after the procedure is completed.

For instance, you should avoid fizzy drinks that can stain teeth and reduce vices such as smoking. Another essential part of tooth care after tooth whitening entails watching what you eat so as to minimize discomfort caused by bleaching agents and reduce the risk of recurrent staining.

Crunchy foods

One of the ways to ensure that your newly bleached teeth remain white and sparkly is to eat crunchy foods that act as natural plaque removers. Getting your crunch on by increasing the intake of apples and carrots will often help scrape off food in between your teeth, reducing the possibility of the onset of periodontal disease and reducing discoloration.

These foods also increase the production of saliva, which helps neutralize corrosive acids on tooth enamel that could cause cavities. Crunchy treats such as cookies aren't a good option, as they are sugary and could encourage tooth decay.

Dairy products

Dairy foods such as cheese are typically rich in calcium which is good for your bone health, making them natural oral health boosters. Eating cheese can also help keep conditions such as tooth decay and periodontal disease at bay, not to mention that their naturally light color can help alleviate any fears of recurrent staining after getting your teeth bleached.

Eating yogurt devoid of sugar can also help prevent tooth decay by boosting your intake of calcium, protein and essential vitamins.

Lukewarm foods

Tooth whitening products temporarily erode some of the enamel on your tooth surface so as to eliminate any staining, potentially exposing sensitive dentinal tubules on your teeth. This can often cause a bit of pain and sensitivity for a few days after the whitening procedure, which can be worsened by temperature fluctuations.

Taking in foods and drinks that are either too hot or too cold can trigger discomfort, which is why you should only take lukewarm foods/drinks until you fully recover from the treatment.

Taking care of your teeth by watching what you eat is essential for the success of tooth whitening dental treatment. The above foods can help boost your oral health and reduce the risk of your pearly whites getting discolored. Contact a doctor, such as Dr. Sudharani V Chary, for more information.