The Top Three Reasons Your Family Needs A Family Dentist

A family dentist is a dentist who specializes in working with both children and adults, which means that they an see an entire family no matter what the age difference is between each individual. Although there are multiple options as to what type of dentist you can see, here are three reasons to choose a family dentist:

Develops a Bond With Your Children:

When your child sees a pediatric dentist, they are going to be able to see that dentist up until the age of 18 at which point they are going to have to switch to see a general dentist. The problem with this is that switching to a new dentist at this point can be scary for an 18-year-old who is already going through many life changes. The chances of your child sticking with dental appointments because of this can be much slimmer. When your children have a personal connection with a dentist that they have been seeing since they were a child and can continue seeing into adulthood, the chances of them sticking with their appointments is much more likely. 

Knows the Family History: 

When it comes to dental health, family history has a lot to do with what is to be expected in your children's own dental health. Since a family dentist will know your dental history, they are able to anticipate what issues your child may develop and how to prevent it. For example, gum disease is something that runs in the family. If you or your spouse have this, your dentist will know what extra precautions to take when taking care of your children's teeth. This can prevent many issues from arising, which is going to save you money on your family's dental care in the long run.

It's Convenient:

Instead of taking each person in your family to a different dentist during different days and times, you can all just take one day off work and school to visit the family dentist back to back. Many family dentists would prefer to see the family all at once since it makes scheduling for them easier, as well. This is a great way to ensure that your whole family is on top of caring for their teeth. When your children see you and your spouse going to the dentist, it sets a good example. 

When you know these three reasons for visiting a family dentist, you can see why setting up for a consultation with one today can benefit your entire family in the long run. For more information, consider contacting a dentist like those at Howley & Basara Family Dentistry PC.