All About Those Gums: Three Simple Solutions To Reverse Receding Gums Due To Periodontal Disease

There are many things that can make your gums start receding. One of the main causes is early periodontal disease. This infection can cause bacteria to eat away at your gum tissue, giving your teeth less support. When your teeth have less support, they become loose and can even fall out if not taken care of immediately. Luckily, there are several ingredients that you can use that will promote a healthy mouth and help restore your gums back to their proper state.

Lemon Oil

One of the many great things about lemons is that they are a natural anti-bacterial, so they will protect your teeth from decay while they are healing. This fruit is also known for being a natural antiseptic, so they will help your teeth heal and remove the bacteria that is causing your gums to recede. Lemons are high in acidity, so they will damage your teeth if you use them too much. Lemon oil, however, is very mild on your teeth very effective.

To help reverse the damage of periodontal disease, use the lemon oil as your mouthwash. The lemon oil will kill the germs. Another added protection that lemon oil gives you is that it actually stimulates your saliva production. Saliva, as you may know, protects your mouth from growing bacteria.

Tea Tree Oil

The taste of tree tea oil is anything but appetizing,; however, it is one of the best defenses you can give your mouth. Tea tree oil will remove the bacteria that is causing your periodontal disease and receding gums because it is a natural microbial. This oil will also remove an excess plaque that clings to your teeth.

Gargle with two teaspoons of tea tree oil and a glass of warm water in the morning and at night, or after every time your brush. Using the solution frequently will speed up the healing process and help strengthen your gums.

Green Tea

Drinking green tea is definitely one of the most tasty ways of helping your gums heal and restoring them back to their glory years. Not only are there a ton of antioxidants in this drink, it also contains catechins. Both of these will work together to kill the bacteria that is eating away at your gums. The fluoride that is found in this tea will also make your teeth stronger, helping your mouth to heal quicker.

You can either drink a cup of warm green tea in the morning and right before bed, or you can just use a green tea bag. Seep a tea bag in hot water for ten minutes and then apply it directly to your gums for about ten minutes. You can repeat this process two to three times a day.

Receding gums are most often caused by periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, and it's adverse effects on your mouth and gums, can be reversed if you give your mouth the care that it needs. By using the methods listed above and brushing and flossing regularly, you will be well on your way to a healthier and strong mouth.

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