Two Commonly Asked Dental Implant Questions Addressed

When you are in a position of needing to have a tooth replaced, it can be a stressful experience due to the fact that you may not be particularly informed about what to expect from this process.  To this end, it may be beneficial for you to have the following commonly asked questions about dental implants answered.

What Is Involved With Installing A Dental Implant?

The first part of the installation process can be completed rather quickly. During this phase, the dentist will remove the gums from the surgery site before using a drill to insert the implant into the jaw bone. While this process can be completed fairly quickly, the entire process of installing a dental implant can be rather lengthy due to the fact that these devices need to bond to the bones in your jaw. It can take weeks to months for this bonding process to be completed. After this bonding process is complete, your dentist can conclude the procedure by placing the artificial tooth over the implant. While it may seem as though this waiting period is excessive, it is essential for the implant to fully bond in order to support the weight of the tooth and the stress from chewing.

Will The Implant Be At Risk Of Becoming Loose?

There are some patients that might have concerns about their new implant coming loose or experiencing other problems. For most patients, this will not be a problem that they will need to address. However, it is possible for some individuals to experience complications that can inhibit the bonding process between the implant and  the jaw bone. Often, these issues may stem from an infection that develops during the healing process. In order to keep the risk of this problem as low as possible, you should always follow your dentist's post-surgery care instructions as closely as possible. These instructions will usually provide cleaning directions for the surgery site. While they may seem rather intensive, you should be relieved to know that the surgery site will heal fairly rapidly.

Making the decisions to commit to having dental implants installed can be a major choice for anyone to make. However, it is a reality that there are some individuals that may find it difficult to make this decision due to a lack of information about this procedure. By appreciating the steps that are involved with placing the implant and the need to follow your doctor's post-surgery instructions, you will be far better equipped to decide if this procedure is right for your dental needs. for more information, visit sites like