3 Benefits Of Microscope Dentistry

As technology improves, the medical feel benefits a great deal. One aspect of the medical field that has benefitted a great deal is the field of dentistry. A dentist can use this technology not only to improve dental procedures for their patients, but the technology can also benefit the dentists themselves. One specific type of technology that helps a great deal is a dental microscope. Here are three reasons why it has been so beneficial:

More Accuracy

With the help of a microscope, a dentist can do dental work with more accuracy. Depending on what kind of microscope the dentist is using, the image can be enhanced anywhere from 1.5-30 times its actual size. This increase doesn't only speed up dental procedures that used to take longer, but they can also make dental procedures possible that weren't before. For example, a dentist can now ensure that each and every aspect of a cavity is removed because they can magnify the tooth.  Also, being able to fix very small and fine cracks in teeth is now made possible because of the high levels of magnification.

Less Strain On The Dentist's Eyes and Back

If a dentist constantly has to lean and in stare at something, this can be taxing on both his eyes and his back. This strain can cause his eyes unnecessary stress and can cause them to become dry and tired. Also, because they are leaning forward for extended periods of time, their lower back will begin to feel tight and tired. When a microscope is used, the dentist can sit up straight, and the microscope will zoom into whatever he needs to see clearly, such as teeth or gums. This eliminates eyes strain completely, and can actually increase the accuracy of the procedure.

Great Lighting

The most current dental microscopes now have lights attached to them. This added light works wonders in terms of seeing the magnified objects even better. The added light can bring out features even more, such as cracks in teeth, dark spots due to cavities, swollen tissue, etc. Also, because the light is attached directly to the microscope, you know that it will always be in the right place and you won't have to worry about adjusting it.

Overall, dental microscopes have allowed dentists to have more accuracy when doing several different kinds of dental work, they have reduced the amount of strain that dentist's feel in their back and their eyes, and they have also helped with lighting because of the light that comes attached to them.

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