Gum Lift Surgery: Three Things To Know

Gum lift surgery can help to make your smile beautiful. People who choose this procedure may have excess gum tissue covering their teeth, which can prevent the teeth from having the desired appearance. Gum lifts and gum contouring can correct this issue, and they may be performed along with other cosmetic dentistry procedures, including veneers and bonding. Here are some things you should know before choosing gum lift surgery.

Pre-Procedure Cleaning

Your cosmetic dentist may decide to do a deep cleaning in preparation for this procedure. Scaling and cleaning gum pockets can help prepare the area so the dentist knows precisely how much of the gum material needs to be removed. Your cosmetic dentist may schedule this cleaning procedure in a separate appointment. This can help to reduce discomfort, and it can also help you feel a bit more relaxed, as you won't have to sit through a longer appointment.

Behavior Adjustment

Gum lift surgery can produce the desired effect for your smile, but in order to maintain the results, you'll need to care for your teeth and gums properly. Changing your habits in advance can help set you up for success. Make sure you are brushing and flossing regularly, and get rid of bad habits that can damage your teeth and gums. If you smoke, take the time to quit before you have any cosmetic procedures done. Change your diet as needed to avoid foods that can damage or stain your teeth, and get in the habit of making oral care your top priority. Without proper cleaning, your teeth and gums can be susceptible to disease. For example, gingivitis can eat away at the gum tissue, which can be a problem if you are already planning to have gum tissue removed during a gum lift.

Understanding The Procedure

Your dentist will likely use lasers to sculpt and reshape the gum area. While it can be relatively painless, you may want to ask about local anesthetic that can be used to reduce pain and discomfort. Talk to your dentist about how the procedure will be performed in advance, and also discuss any anxiety you might have about dental work in general. Your dentist may be able to offer other anesthetic options to help you remain calm while he or she reshapes your gum line.

Be sure to discuss other cosmetic procedures you may want to have performed as well. Knowing which procedures you want in advance can help your dentist create a schedule for your dental work so everything can be accomplished to make your smile the best it can be.