Tips For Your First Week Wearing Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign is a great alternative to wearing traditional metal braces. Since the treatment will require you to wear removable plastic trays, it can be quite the adjustment during the first week. Here are some tips for adjusting to those trays.

Wear The Trays Whenever Possible

It will be strange to wear a plastic aligner in your mouth, however, you must fight the temptation to remove it. It will feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but it's important that you stick to the treatment and wear the trays as instructed. Not only will it help speed the process along, but it will help with the physical and mental adjustment of using the aligners.

Your goal should be to wear the aligners all the time, except when you're eating food or brushing your teeth. Your body will eventually adjust to them and it will feel natural. Jumping right into using them full time will be the best thing you can do.

Practice How You Talk

You'll also have an adjustment period for how you talk when wearing the aligners. New wearers can suffer from a lisp at first due to the tongue placement being slightly different. Once again, your speech will adjust to the aligners as you get more comfortable wearing them.

One tip for making the adjustment is to practice speaking out loud when you are alone at home. Read a book out loud, and look at yourself in the mirror to see how your mouth movement has changed. If you avoid speaking, it can take longer for you to adjust your speech accordingly.

Practice Good Oral Health

Be sure not to slack on your oral health when using Invisalign. It is important to brush a minimum of twice a day, though it should be done after each meal. If you brush before you eat breakfast, switch to brushing afterward. That will help prevent food from getting trapped under the aligners all day long.

Clean The Aligners

Those aligners also need some attention when it comes to cleaning. You can clean them using a cleaning solution designed specifically for Invisalign aligners, which will get rid of the bacteria that has collected on them. Not cleaning the aligners will cause that bacteria to be trapped on your tooth, which can cause tooth decay to happen.

For more tips about wearing Invisalign aligners or other adult orthodontic services, schedule an appointment with your dentist so you can hear what they have to share with you.