The Case For Getting A Dental Implant Post Installed When You Remove Your Tooth

Implants have long been established as a better alternative to dental bridges and other solutions for replacing missing teeth. Although they cost more, implants are more durable, more comfortable to use, and generally serve as much better replacements for missing teeth.

When you have a tooth removed, you should start thinking about getting a dental implant immediately. This prepares you for this long-term solution early enough. Many people argue that they're unable to afford the treatment at that time and thus ignore it completely. However, getting the implant post put in immediately can be an excellent idea for several reasons.

It Allows You to Stagger the Cost of Getting an Implant

Although an implant is quite expensive, many people will still be able to afford it if they can stagger the cost. This means the total cost of the implant can be spread out over several months so you don't have to pay for it at once.

Dental implants are generally installed in stages. Putting in the post is the first stage, and the implant is attached later. You can talk to your dentist so you can pay for part of the treatment when the post is installed and cover the rest later.

It Gives You Enough Time to Heal

If you have to wait until you have enough money to pay for the whole procedure, you'll have to wait even longer before you can have your implant. Once the implant post is installed, it will require time before it's set in the bone. Sometimes, you may have to wait for up to six months before this happens.

If you get your implant post installed early, you'll reduce the length of time that you'll go without an implant since the last part of the procedure will be quickly completed as soon as you can afford it.

Motivates You Not to Postpone the Procedure

When you don't have a full set of teeth in your mouth, there might be a number of health consequences. The other teeth may readjust, leading to misalignment, and you may find it difficult to eat certain foods. This is especially possible if a lot of time passes from the time the tooth is extracted. Therefore, it's always advisable to get an implant as soon as possible.

Once you have the post in place, the motivation to get the rest of the implant will be obvious. This can even reduce the overall cost of the procedure in some cases.