Why You Need Cleanings When You Brush Every Day

Even if you brush daily and your teeth appear to be in perfect health, you should still get periodic dental cleanings. There are reasons why cleanings are necessary for your overall oral health. Here are just a few reasons why you should have your checkups done every year or as recommended by your dentist.

You get oral cancer screening

Part of your checkup and cleaning is this: you get screened for oral cancer. While tobacco users can be more prone to getting this type of cancer, anyone can get oral cancer, and periodic cleanings can help detect signs of oral cancer early enough for successful treatment.

You get plaque and tartar removed

Plaque and bacteria are largely removed if you brush and floss daily, but you're not going to remove all of it. Unchecked, plaque turns into hard tartar which you cannot remove yourself. Your dentist or dental hygienist removes the dangerous tartar from your tooth enamel to prevent cavities and keep your smile strong, beautiful, and healthy.

You get whiter, shinier teeth

When your teeth get professionally cleaned in the dentist's chair, your resulting smile is more lustrous. Since the cleaning removes many surface stains that occur because of what you eat and drink, your smile looks younger and more attractive as a result of these services.

You get better oral health

Having your teeth cleaned when your dentist recommends helps prevent gum disease. Since gum disease is attributed to tooth loss, dental decay, recessing gums, and bad breath, you preserve your oral health longer when you get your teeth cleaned when you should.

You get small dental issues discovered more quickly

Some cavities are not even noticeable, much less painful, until they turn into a serious problem. When you get your teeth cleaned, any small issues with your mouth will be discovered and can be addressed before they turn into costlier, more painful procedures. It's best to get a small cavity filled now than it is to get a root canal later because you missed a teeth cleaning and now have to get more extensive dental work done.

Going to the dentist regularly — even if you have a healthy smile — is best for your oral health. Always see your dentist if you have pain in your teeth or gums or if you have other oral health concerns. Your dentist will treat your smile based on the severity of your symptoms.