Tips For Prepping Your Kid For Their First Dentist Appointment

Has your child reached the age where you need to take them to their first dental appointment? If so, your child may be a bit apprehensive about a trip to this new type of doctor. Here are some tips to prepare your child for their first dental visit. 

Read Books

Start by heading down to your local library to pick up some kid friendly books about going to the dentist. You'll want to find stories that have plenty of pictures and follow a character visiting the dentist for the first time. This will help get your child familiar with the process, and even get excited about it. 

Role Play

Take some time to role play with your child so that they know what the entire experience will be like. Have them wait in a waiting room until you call them back to the office. Have them sit in a special chair with a lamp to help you see inside their mouth. Use a toothbrush as your dental tools to help with the inspection and cleaning. When finished, you can even switch roles with them and have your child be the dentist and you be the patient. A stuffed animal can even be used as the patient for a fun independent play activity. Your child will certainly find the activity fun and look forward to the real thing. 

Teach New Words

Going to the dentist will involve learning some new words that they haven't heard before. If your child is always asking questions, now is a good time to teach them some of those words so that they can better understand the process of going to the dentist. For example, your child may not understand the difference between a dentist and the hygienist. You can also teach your child about cavities, fluoride, and tooth enamel. All of these things will not only help expand your child's vocabulary, but get them ready for the dentist.

Find A Kid Friendly Dentist

The first visit that your child makes to the dentist should be an enjoyable one. That's why it is worth seeking out a kid friendly dentist. These dental offices are geared toward working with kids, which can be seen from the moment you step into the office all the way to the dental chair. The staff at these locations are also more prepared to work with kids and make the entire experience enjoyable for your child.

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