Laser Treatment For A Gummy Smile: Benefits And Procedure Overview

If you have a "gummy smile," then you probably have a lot of exposed gum tissue below your upper lip. While a gummy smile has no bearing on the health of your teeth or gums, it may cause self-esteem problems in some people. Your cosmetic dentist can perform a laser gum treatment to reduce excessive gingival exposure, which will restore your self-confidence and enhance the appearance of your smile. Here are some of the benefits of laser treatment for your gummy smile and an overview of the actual procedure. 

Benefits of Gum Laser Treatments

One of the major benefits of gum laser treatment is that it makes your teeth appear longer while eliminating the appearance of excessive gum tissue when you smile. It also helps make your smile look more symmetrical.

Also, if you are prone to gingivitis, your will gums will appear red and inflamed. However, after your laser procedure, less of your gum tissue will be exposed so that when you smile, your red and swollen gums won't be as noticeable to other people when you speak or smile. Laser treatments for a gummy smile also enhance the contour of your gums and after the procedure has been completed, you will not need to take any time off from work or curtail your activities in any way. 


Laser gum reshaping is a relatively simple and quick procedure that requires only a local anesthetic because it is minimally invasive. During your laser gum reshaping procedure, your cosmetic dentist will use a special diode laser to re-contour your gum line and reshape your excessive gum tissue. You will not feel any severe discomfort and the entire process usually takes less than an hour in most cases.

Unlike major oral surgery, there are no special pre-procedure preparations that you will need to follow the night before or the morning of your laser treatment. You may experience minimal bleeding, and in rare cases, your dentist may recommend that a small portion of your bone be removed so that your results are even more dramatic. If you experience minor discomfort or gum irritation after your gum laser procedure, your dentist will recommend that you take an over-the-counter medication such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. You will not need prescription pain medication. 

If you are unhappy with your smile because of excessive gum exposure, make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist to learn more about laser gum reshaping.