Do You Need An Emergency Root Canal?

Root canals are considered one of the most intensive dental procedures. Many patients will put off visiting the dentist for a root canal in order to avoid the discomfort and costs associated with the procedure. If you wait too long, you could find yourself facing an emergency situation.

There are times when a root canal poses a serious threat to your health. Being able to identify when you need an emergency root canal could help you prevent a more serious medical emergency in the future.

Tooth Damage

To determine if you need an emergency root canal, you should examine the affected tooth. Many root canals are required because a tooth has sustained serious damage. Anytime the exterior enamel barrier has been broken, the pulp and root of the tooth will be exposed.

Exposed pulp and root are vulnerable to infection, which has the potential to spread quickly throughout your body. If your tooth is cracked or broken, an emergency root canal could be beneficial.

Extreme Pain

Pain is usually one of the first indications that you have a problem with your teeth. Minor discomfort typically occurs when the nerve within a tooth is exposed.

A small amount of pain is to be expected when you are in need of a root canal, but extreme pain is an indication that you need to seek out emergency dental services. An extreme level of pain indicates that the tooth may be infected.

The longer you wait to have your root canal, the more you are at risk of having the infection spread. Reach out for an emergency root canal if you are experiencing extreme pain.


Infection is a major concern when a patient is in need of a root canal. Once bacteria is able to penetrate the root of a tooth, an infection can quickly spread throughout the body. Not all patients will experience extreme pain when an infection is present.

You will want to examine the area around the affected tooth to look for swelling, redness, or bleeding. Taking your temperature can also be beneficial, as a high temperature is a good indication that your body is trying to fight off an infection.

If you allow the infection to persist, it can spread to your heart and potentially lead to death. An emergency root canal will allow you to treat the source of the infection and protect yourself against the spread of the infection throughout your body.

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