Ask These Questions Before You Choose Sedation Dentistry

Should you choose sedation dentistry? This use of anesthesia and other medications can make your next trip to the dentist's office easier or more comfortable. If you're not sure whether you need sedation or not, take a look at the questions to ask right now.

Do You Have a Fear of the Dental Office?

According to a 2018 study, 83.1 percent of the participants experienced moderate or high dental anxiety and 16.2 percent had a phobia. Dental office or procedure phobias are common reasons for the choice to use sedation. While sleeping through your next dental office visit isn't the only way to overcome a phobia or reduce your stress level, it can make dental care possible.

Some patients can use relaxation techniques, meditation, or visualization to eliminate anxiety. But if your phobia interferes with your mouth's health and other options don't work, talk to the dentist about the use of sedation. Even though this type of medication won't remove the cause of the fear, it can help you to get the oral care necessary to maintain your teeth and gums.

Do You Have Extremely Sensitive Teeth or Gums?

It's normal to experience some degree of sensitivity during a dental procedure. A deep cleaning, filling, or other restoration can cause discomfort. If you have sensitive teeth or gums, a simple dental procedure can feel painful. This can make it difficult to sit through an office visit.

Instead of feeling every part of the exam, cleaning, or other dental procedure, sedation allows you to relax and rest (or sleep) during your next appointment. This reduces or completely eliminates severe sensitivity or procedure-related pain.

Do You Have an Exaggerated Gag Reflex?

Tooth and gum sensitivity isn't the only type of discomfort you may feel during a dental procedure. An exaggerated gag reflex can make it difficult or impossible for the dentist to work inside of your mouth. If you gag every time a dental tool enters your mouth or this exaggerated reflex makes you anxious about your next appointment, consider sedation dentistry.

Do You Need Multiple Procedures?

While one procedure may not make you squirm, several at the same time might make your mouth unbearably uncomfortable. But this doesn't mean you need to split dental work into several different appointments. If the dentist recommends multiple procedures at one time, ask about the possibility of sedation. This can make it easier to withstand a longer process and complete your dental care in less time.

Reach out to a dentist to learn more about sedation dentistry