3 Reasons To Get That Bridge Work Done

You don't have to live with gaping holes in your smile. There is a dental bridge design that is right for you. In fact, having a bridge will improve not only your appearance but also your quality of life in many other areas, including:

  1. restoring your ability to speak clearly and articulately
  2. allowing you to chew food properly
  3. reducing the wear and tear on your remaining teeth

Speaking Clearly

Not having teeth causes your gums to degrade. The result is that parts of your mouth can sort of just collapse over time. Have you ever seen someone when they remove their dentures? It's like the bottom of their face just bunches up in a wad.

This degradation can also happen on a smaller scale, where you have missing teeth, for example. This will likely affect your speech, making you sound less articulate and more throaty. And, in all likelihood, your affected speech will make you even more self-conscious.

Chewing Properly

You probably already know that food can get painfully caught in space created by missing teeth, especially nuts. What you may not know is that missing teeth can cause the other teeth in your mouth to shift, which may affect your ability to chew even further.

Reducing Wear

When one side of your mouth is missing teeth, the other side often picks up the slack when it comes to chewing. This causes far more wear on those teeth, which can lead to more cavities, etc. Also, your bite force becomes unevenly distributed and may cause additional problems for the healthy teeth that still remain. 

Dental Bridges

Bridges, like other modern dental appliances, are designed for maximum comfort and functionality. They also look great!

Most dental bridges work by attaching to your remaining teeth. The most common designs attach to two of your natural teeth, one on either side of the gap to be filled, with either crowns or bonded fasteners. Additionally, there are cantilever bridge designs that work by attaching to only one of your remaining teeth.

And with dental implant technology, you can have the two connecting teeth attached surgically installed in your mouth and then have the bridge attached to them. If you still have healthy, natural teeth in the top or bottom of your mouth, there is little reason to go the denture route, especially if it means pulling healthy teeth.

You can once again feel comfortable when you smile and have a healthy mouth to boot!