What Types Of Dental Care Can You Expect From A Family Dentist?

Every dental clinic is different, but choosing the type of dental clinic that offers the services that you're interested in can help you get the type of care that you want. People who want a single dental practice that can cater to their entire family should look into family dental clinics. These dental clinics offer a range of services for people at every stage of life. Here are the types of care that you can expect from a family dentist.

1. Infant Oral Care

Even babies need to see the dentist. As your baby's first teeth emerge, a dentist can perform annual exams to ensure your child's mouth is developing as expected. Dentists can also guide parents to develop the necessary skills to care for their child's teeth. It's important for parents to brush baby teeth before children can do so themselves in order to keep cavities at bay.

2. Routine Oral Care

People continue to need oral care throughout their lives. Family dentists can perform routine dental exams for the whole family. Yearly x-rays and twice-yearly check-ups can help your family keep their teeth healthy. Taking your whole family to the same dental care provider can save you time and prevent confusing scheduling conflicts.

3. Sedation Options

Some people are more nervous about dental appointments than others, but even people with dental phobias need to see the dentist regularly. Luckily, many family dental clinics offer sedation options for anxious patients. Sedation dentistry is a safe practice that utilizes anxiety-reducing drugs to help patients get through their dental appointments comfortably. There are sedation options that are appropriate for patients of all ages. Nitrous oxide, a common dental sedative, is non-habit-forming and can be used on children as well as adults.

4. Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is necessary after cavities and other forms of dental decay have already manifested. Family dentists have state-of-the-art tools that can be used to remove decay, place fillings, perform root canal treatment, and more. Restorative dentistry can help patients keep all their teeth in good condition so they can avoid tooth loss and dental extractions if at all possible.

5. Elder Oral Care

Senior citizens need dental care as well. Elderly people often have different oral care needs than younger people. Gum disease becomes more likely as people age, so biannual cleanings become even more important than ever. In addition, dentists can help seniors who have lost their teeth by fitting them with dentures or dental implants.