4 Reasons You Should Visit A Dentist To Fix Your Chipped Teeth

When you look yourself in the mirror, you may be happy with your facial looks until you smile and see your chipped teeth. You cannot underestimate the impact chipped teeth have on your smile and self-esteem. As a result, you have probably thought about having your chipped teeth fixed. However, you are yet to make that trip to the dentist, probably because you don't know much about fixing the chipped teeth. If this sounds like you, check out these compelling reasons you should visit a dentist to have your chipped teeth fixed.

1. Sensitivity

Your tooth enamel acts as an insulator between the tooth nerve and the food or drinks you take. If the chip is big enough to expose the tooth nerves, you may experience sensitivity when taking cold or hot meals.

You could even start feeling cutting pain if the chipped tooth is left unfixed. Unfortunately, this sensitivity and pain will not go away. Your only chance to stop it is to visit a dentist who can repair the chipped teeth right away.

2. Tongue and Cheek Wounds

After chipping your tooth, your eating and talking may not be the same. The remaining bits of the enamel left can cause painful abrasions on your cheeks or tongue when talking or eating.

The abrasions can worsen if you have several chipped teeth or your work requires you to talk a lot. A dentist can crown or bond the chipped teeth to enable you to enjoy your meals and talk like you used to before the damage.

3. Cavities and Infections

Chipped teeth have uneven surfaces, which make them hard to clean. Therefore, plaque may quickly accumulate on the left spaces leading to the multiplication of teeth bacteria.

This may make you prone to more severe dental issues such as cavities, halitosis (bad breath), gum inflammation, tooth loss, or gum diseases. An appointment with a competent dentist will get your teeth fixed and smoothed for effective cleaning.

4. The Injury May Be More Serious Than You Think                                                   

Teeth chips are mainly caused by accidents. However, the accident may do more dental damage than what meets the eyes in some cases. For instance, it could alter the alignment of your roots. Misaligned roots can cause infections, tooth discoloration, or tooth loss.

After an injury, a dentist can go a notch higher to assess your dental structure, pinpoint additional injuries, and offer comprehensive treatment to restore your oral health.

Fixing your chipped teeth enhances your looks and allows you to live a happier and more fulfilling life. So, if you have chipped teeth, do not hesitate to seek the services of a reliable dentist. They have advanced treatment options that will make all the ugly chips disappear in no time.

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