Primary Types Of Stains You Can Remove Through Teeth Whitening

Having stained teeth can make your life difficult. For instance, you'll likely lose your self-confidence, especially in social or official gatherings, making it difficult to smile or have a conversation. Luckily, you can rely on teeth whitening procedures to fix your smile.  

For the best results, you should choose in-office teeth whitening treatment as it's customized to suit your requirements. The dentist will perform an assessment and create a treatment plan to restore your teeth to their original color. So, what forms of stains can teeth whitening remove? Read on to know more.

Extrinsic Stains

This form of staining is caused by build-up on the surface of the tooth. The stains are caused by external factors like the drinks and foods you consume or your lifestyle habits like tobacco use or smoking. Since foods and beverages come in different colors, you can expect the staining colors to vary from one person to another. 

But brown and yellow stains are more popular. Things like tea, coffee, and chocolate make the teeth look yellow. Those who like to drink red wine get a purple tint on their teeth due to the wine. Removing these stains is relatively easy but consider getting in-office teeth whitening for the best results.

Intrinsic Stains

Unlike extrinsic stains that form on the outer parts of the teeth, intrinsic staining occurs within the dental system. The stain will occur when something in a tooth changes. For instance, if the hard tissue under the enamel (dentin) changes color, your teeth' color will also change. Certain illnesses can cause the dentin to become gray or yellow, which will, in turn, show through the enamel. The clarity of the stains will depend on the patient's enamel thickness.

How Does Whitening Work?

The teeth whitening procedure will vary in effectiveness, costs, and how it works. Letting a professional perform the procedure is better than using DIY methods. DIYing is slow, and the results aren't guaranteed. Besides the bleaching strips, OTC gels and chewing gums are designed for everyone, so it won't be easy to see good results if you have different needs.

With in-office teeth whitening, you will get customized service. The dentist will assess the type of stain and then pick the most suitable method. Note that you may require several sessions depending on the intensity of your stains, so don't miss any appointments. 

This way, you will get the attainable shade fast and avoid damaging the enamel. Don't forget to adhere to the after-procedure instructions, as they will determine how long you'll maintain the newly acquired shade.

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