Why You Should Have Missing Teeth Replaced With Dental Implants

Missing molars can make it difficult to chew some types of foods, such as tough cuts of meat. Missing front teeth makes it more difficult to bite into foods, can affect your speech, and have a significant impact on the way your smile looks. This article will give you insight into the importance of replacing missing teeth as quickly as possible. It will also provide information on dental implants and explain why they're the best option.

Common Problems Caused by Missing Teeth

The Jawbone May Become Misaligned: When you're missing teeth, it can alter the way you chew, and this can lead to issues with the alignment of your jaw. A misaligned jaw can be painful and cause severe headaches. It can also make it difficult to eat, affect the way you breathe, and increase the risk of dental issues like cavities. Missing teeth can prevent the jawbone from being properly stimulated. When this happens, the jawbone can disintegrate and this can affect your face, causing parts of it to become misshapen or appear distorted in other ways. 

Your Teeth Can Suffer: Your teeth support one another, and this keeps them straight and free of issues like large spaces or crookedness. If you have one or more of them missing, then it creates a space for teeth to shift. This can lead to significant gaps between your teeth. Gaps can make you become self-conscious about the look of your smile and the way your teeth look when you talk. 

Why Dental Implants Are Often The Best Tooth Replacement Option

Replaced teeth will be as strong as natural teeth: If you were to go with another option for replacing one or more teeth, such as dentures, then your bite won't be as strong as before. Durable and long-lasting materials, such as titanium, are used to make dental implants. The implants are also permanently connected to your jawbone, making them as strong as your natural teeth. 

Dental implants look like real teeth: Special care is taken when creating dental implants, so they look just like the rest of your teeth and fit correctly, helping you look great and preventing many dental issues. The crowns of the dental implants are shaped to mimic your real teeth, and they'll be color-matched to ensure your smile looks natural. 


Whether you have a tooth knocked out or you have to have a few of them pulled, you should have them replaced as soon as possible. Knowing more about the advantages of dental implants, you may now realize why this is the best route to go.

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