Want to Improve Your Smile? Questions You May Have About Veneers

If you have uneven, chipped, and/or discolored teeth, you may be interested in veneers. A veneer is a thin layer of composite or porcelain that can be manufactured to look like a tooth surface. Veneers are placed on the outer layers of your teeth to improve aesthetics. Here are some questions you may have about veneers. Can Your Family Dentist Place Veneers? Your family dentist can usually place veneers and provide other specialty services, like root canals, bridges, etc.

Do You Need An Emergency Root Canal?

Root canals are considered one of the most intensive dental procedures. Many patients will put off visiting the dentist for a root canal in order to avoid the discomfort and costs associated with the procedure. If you wait too long, you could find yourself facing an emergency situation. There are times when a root canal poses a serious threat to your health. Being able to identify when you need an emergency root canal could help you prevent a more serious medical emergency in the future.