4 Questions About Getting Dental Sealants

Has your child reached the age where they now have their adult molars, and you are wondering if they should get dental sealants? Here are a few questions you will likely have about this way to protect your child’s teeth.  What Are Dental Sealants Made Out Of?  Many people have a misconception about what dental sealants are actually made out of. The procedure is not as if you were to fill the molars with the same resin material used for cavities.

Questions About Wearing Your Retainer After Braces

Are you having your braces taken off and will be wearing a retainer? If so, you may be wondering what rules you should be following when wearing a retainer. Here are a few key things to know so that you use your retainer the correct way. Can You Keep Your Retainer In While Eating? Some people think that if they wear their retainer while eating that it will protect their teeth from cavities.

3 Types Of Treatments Needed For Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease or gum disease is incredibly common, especially in older Americans. However, this condition is not a normal part of aging, and you can prevent, treat, and reverse the condition. If you would like to know how to treat periodontal disease, keep reading. 1. Tartar and Plaque Control The leading cause of periodontal disease is infection from poor oral hygiene and lots of plaque/tartar. For this reason, the first step in fighting periodontal disease is good oral hygiene, including at-home and in-office care.

4 Simple Ways To Care For Your Dental Implants After Surgery

Patients with missing or permanently damaged teeth often opt for dental implants as a replacement option. Implants are designed to function and look like real teeth. If you have decided to install implants, you could feel anxious about the upcoming surgery. This piece will cover ways to care for your implants after treatment and enjoy fast recovery. 1. Ask for Assistance Generally, dentists use local anesthesia to numb the surgical site during treatment.

What's The Difference Between Two-Stage And One-Stage Dental Implants?

Dental implant treatments don’t all follow the same timescale or work in the same way. While all implants use the same technology and general techniques, dentists can choose from two different procedures here. They can use two-stage or one-stage implants. What are the differences between these two techniques? What Is A Two-Stage Dental Implant? When you start dental implant surgery, your dentist cuts into your gum to insert an implant post into your jaw bone in the place where your new tooth will go.

3 Tips To Help Improve Your Dental Implant Surgery Recovery

A mouth filled with healthy teeth is essential to the overall health of your body. Missing teeth have the potential to cause jawbone deterioration that can change your appearance or interfere with the way you chew and talk. Dentists recommend replacing missing teeth as quickly as possible to avoid these negative side effects. Dental implant surgery is one option available to patients who want to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are installed during a surgical procedure performed by a specialty dentist.

4 Reasons You Should Visit A Dentist To Fix Your Chipped Teeth

When you look yourself in the mirror, you may be happy with your facial looks until you smile and see your chipped teeth. You cannot underestimate the impact chipped teeth have on your smile and self-esteem. As a result, you have probably thought about having your chipped teeth fixed. However, you are yet to make that trip to the dentist, probably because you don’t know much about fixing the chipped teeth.